Nunavut Illinniarvigivavut.

Our Land is Our Campus.

our mission: Empower Nunavummiut.

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Our Mission

Nunavut Arctic College has a strong commitment to provide high quality educational opportunities to all residents of Nunavut...

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Whether you are exploring education possibilities or looking for tools to help you in your career, Nunavut Arctic College has a variety of programs and courses to choose from.

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With five campuses and Community Learning Centers located in all 25 communities, Nunavut Arctic College brings programs home to people throughout the territory.

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Nunavut Arctic College will give you the tools you need to pursue your career. Find out what you need to enroll in our programs and be part of a growing community of NAC graduates.

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We believe in working together to provide quality programs and services that meet the total educational needs of our learners. By building bridges between students, staff, faculty, campus and community resources, we promote a positive sense of community. We are committed to maintaining a high quality of learner life.


to our 2019 graduates

We are proud of you and we wish you the best on your upcoming challenges.


Years Serving nunavummiut

We are proud to serve the Territory of Nunavut providing education and better opportunities for Nunavummiut.


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Nunavut Arctic College will provide you with the tools you need to find better job opportunities.

(Facutly from NTEP & Nursing Programs & Staff, Graduation in Iqaluit, 2018)

(Facutly from NTEP & Nursing Programs & Staff, Graduation in Iqaluit, 2018)


Our faculty and staff members across all our campuses support our mission of teaching, research, and providing high quality educational opportunities. We are proud to serve Nunavummiut in their educational path.