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Interpreter Translation Diploma Program

Program description

The Interpreter/Translator program is designed for learners interested in the more technical aspects of the Inuktitut language and who wish to pursue a career in this field. The first year places special emphasis on language development, communication skills and technical skills necessary in translation. The second year is designed to assist learners to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required as an interpreter. Emphasis will be placed on helping the learner acquire specialized vocabulary in technical areas, and on consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills.


Inuinnaqtun Language Revitalization Certificate Program

Program description

Aboriginal Language Revitalization supports community initiatives by strengthening one’s understanding of the complex context and characteristics of language loss, maintenance and recovery, and by developing knowledge of strategies and successes in language revitalization in communities. The program honours traditional knowledge and practices to reach a diverse group of learners.


Inuit Studies Diploma Program

Program description

Inuit Studies emphasizes more traditional aspects of language and culture that are being lost in the modern world and explores these in relation to the contemporary situation of the Inuit. The social, economic and political conditions of the Inuit will also be studied, and will lead to an increased awareness of unique and important aspects of Inuit language and culture. The majority of courses in Inuit Studies are delivered in Inuktitut. Learners successfully completing this option will be fully fluent and literate in Inuktitut and will have syllabic keyboarding skills.