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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Arctic Nursing)

Program description

Arctic Nursing, developed collaboratively by Nunavut Arctic College and Dalhousie University, is a 4-year degree program that focuses on nursing in Nunavut. Arctic Nursing is designed to prepare graduates for a career as entry-level practitioners in a variety of health care settings including hospitals, long-term care facilities and community-based agencies.

The curriculum emphasizes primary health care, awareness and respect of the Inuit culture and prepares nurses to be leaders in the health care system in Nunavut and throughout Canada. Although the degree is conferred by Dalhousie University, the curriculum was designed to reflect the diversity and culture of Nunavut including the current Canadian standards of university nursing education.

Graduates of this program will gain the necessary knowledge, judgment and skills to write the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). On passing the NCLEX-RN, graduates will be eligible to apply for registration in any provincial or territorial Registered Nursing Association in Canada.



Program description

In the Pre-Nursing program, learners develop knowledge, time management and strong foundational skills to determine if they have the interest, aptitude and competency skills required to pursue a career in nursing.

Delivered over 3 semesters, Pre-Nursing courses are taught by health care program instructors, Science and Math instructors, and Inuit Elders.

The Pre-Nursing program provides a solid academic basis that prepares successful learners for the BScN (Arctic Nursing) program developed collaboratively by Nunavut Arctic College and Dalhousie University. Graduates of Pre-Nursing and Arctic Nursing can look forward to a future and rewarding career in Nunavut’s health care sector.


Social Service Worker Program

Program description

The Social Service Worker Diploma Program provides a two-year orientation to Community and Social Service Work from a Professional Social Work perspective. The program prepares learners for entry level positions in both territorial and municipal organizations, including family services, mental health, youth work, social work, addictions, justice, and various community programs. It also lays the foundation for continued education to the Bachelor of Social Work degree and beyond. The goal of the program is to prepare graduates with the skills necessary to work within the cultural context of Nunavut.

The courses are based on the principles and values of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit so that learners may achieve the fullest understanding and development of the whole person. Learners also gain skills so that they can use this knowledge in their community environments.