Learning Commons (Library)

Nunavut Arctic College Learning Commons provide valuable resources to learners, staff and the general public, through the main library located on our Nunatta Campus and through smaller collections housed at the Kivalliq and Kitikmeot campuses. Arctic College staff and learners in all other communities are encouraged to contact the learning commons staff at the Nunatta Campus Learning Commons for information about the services available to them.

In addition to our collections, the College is also a member of the Virtua library system; Virtua is an electronic library catalogue that includes the library collections of eleven Nunavut Public Libraries from across Nunavut, the Nunavut Legislative Library and the Nunavut Court Library. The Virtua catalogue provides access to hundreds of thousands of resources. For Joint Management programs, Nunavut Arctic College also has links to the libraries of many of our education partners in southern Canada.

nunatta campus

The Nunatta Campus library is designed to provide resources and facilities for students and staff, in support of College-wide programs and research. The library is located on the ground floor of the main building. There are about 6,000 circulating books, 400 reference titles, 110 magazine subscriptions and 1,000 audiovisual items.

In addition, there is a rare collection on the exploration of the Eastern Arctic, an Inuit collection in English and Inuktitut, and a northern studies research collection of about 6000 items. Access to the collection is provided through an integrated, automated library system. The library provides interlibrary loan and reference services, and staff regularly conducts orientation/instruction programs.

Kivalliq campus

The Kivalliq Campus Library serves Arctic College staff and learners, as well as the public of Rankin Inlet. Library assistance is available on a part-time basis throughout the school year. The library space is also available for use by Arctic College staff and learners when the library is un-staffed. The collection includes a variety of books, videos and journals, with a special emphasis on management studies. The Library is located in Kivalliq Hall, Rankin Inlet.

kitikmeot campus

The Kitikmeot Campus Library serves Arctic College staff and learners. A library assistant is available on a part-time basis throughout the school year. Most of the library books, along with a selection of videos, are located in the main Arctic College building. Additional materials of relevance to particular programs, such as the Human Services program, are located in individual classrooms. The Library is located at the Kitikmeot Campus administration office.