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  1. Can International Students apply to Nunavut Arctic College?

    • Nunavut Arctic College is not accepting International Students at this time. Our institution is currently not designated to host international students.

    • International students will be advised to consult the nearest Canadian Embassy

    • For international students wishing to apply or attend a school in Canada, there’s a list of post-secondary institutions in Canada that are currently hosting international students. Interested individuals should consult the nearest Canadian Embassy or visit the Canadian Immigration website by following this link

  2. Can Non-Nunavut Residents (Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents residing in other Canadian provinces other than Nunavut) apply to Nunavut Arctic College?

    • The acceptance of non-resident applicants will be limited by the maximum student capacity of the program and the number of qualified applications received from Nunavut residents.

    • Deadline for completed non-resident applications will be April 1 of each year.

    • A non-refundable application fee for non-Nunavut resident is $100.00 Canadian Dollars.

    • Financial Aid. Non-Nunavut Residents are not eligible for financial assistance through student loans or bursaries offered by the Government of Nunavut.

    • Health Insurance. Non-Nunavut residents are required to have health insurance while studying in Nunavut. Out of territory students who will be in Nunavut for one year or more are eligible for Nunavut Health Care. This coverage is free. Students may apply for health insurance after arriving at Nunavut Arctic College. Canadian out-of-territory students may be covered by their provincial or territorial health care insurance. It is the responsibility to the student to insure that they have continuous health care coverage.

  3. English Language Proficiency Requirement

    • English is the language of instruction at Nunavut Arctic College. Students must have the level of ability in English that allows them to participate fully in aspects of course work.

    • Inuit Studies and Interpreter / Translator Programs require a level of Inuktitut speaking and writing skills to be accepted into the programs.

    • Applicants who received their formal education in a language other than English will be required to submit proof of English language proficiency by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

  4. At this moment we are not accepting students into the Juris Doctor in Law Program.

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