Other Services

1. Day Care

Learners have access to day care facilities through the community in which they are located. The College does not operate its own day care facilities and relies upon those centres operating in each community.

At Nunatta Campus in Iqaluit, Kids on the Beach Daycare has space for 44 children, priority is given to children of Nunavut Arctic College learners. The Rankin Inlet Campus day care has space for 21.

2. Recreation Services

The College’s recreation facilities vary according to the location. Nunatta Campus has its own recreational facilities, as well as access to facilities in the community.  Kivalliq and Kitikmeot Campuses rely upon their respective community facilities.

3. Counselling

Counselors are there to provide academic counselling, as well as to assist learners with the day-to-day challenges that learner life provides.  Learner counselling services are available at all three regional campuses. These services range from the provision of referrals, one-to-one and group counselling, and educational support.

4. Learner Association

All campuses have Learner Councils that are elected at the beginning of the fall term. The Learner Council representatives are responsible for social activities, some publications, coordination of events, and liaison between learners and the College Administration.