Pirurvik Preschool Wins $1M Arctic Inspiration Prize - Partnership with NAC one key to its success!

Photo Credit: Nunatsiaq News

Photo Credit: Nunatsiaq News

 “The partnership with the Nunavut Arctic College provided us with the opportunity to create such a special program through this capacity building project. Their involvement was vital to the success of this preschool and we are forever grateful.”

 -The Pirurvik Preschool

We congratulate the co-founders of the Pirurvik Preschool in Pond Inlet, Karen Nutarak and Tessa Lochhead, and their staff, on the tremendous success of the Pirurvik Preschool initiative. The future of the IQ / Montessori approach in Nunavut looks especially bright with the recognition of its being in harmony with Inuit culture and significant funding from the Arctic Inspiration Prize.

 All of us in Nunavut Arctic College can be proud of the role we played through the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Diploma Program in training the Pirurvik Preschool staff. ECE graduates from the start have formed the core of the professionals that have implemented the IQ/Montessori approach in the preschool program and their efforts are critical to its expanding role in Nunavut.

 Funded by the Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA), the preschool has already expanded to Clyde River. There the Pond Inlet staff of NAC ECE graduates trained the Clyde River staff and helped set up all the materials for the program. Iqaluit, Cambridge Bay, Taloyoak, and other communities are now in line to adopt the IQ / Montessori approach in their daycares.

 Premier Joe Savikataaq and the Arctic Inspiration Selection Committee have recognized the importance of dynamic daycare and preschool environments in providing a truly positive foundation for children to start their education. Our ECE Diploma graduates can continue to be leaders in this important work.


By.- Maryse Cohen


Mariana Barney