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Nunavut Teacher Education graduates making a difference

In the attached picture, left to right, are: Leeveena Nuyalia and Morty Alooloo. In the attached picture, left to right, are: Leeveena Nuyalia and Morty Alooloo. NTEP

The focus of Education Programs and the Nunavut Teacher Education Program, in particular, is to provide quality teaching personnel for education institutions in Nunavut. Two recent graduates of the Nunavut Teacher Education Program are making a positive contribution to Education in the Territory.

Leeveena Nuyalia (2010) and Morty Alooloo (2011) are Educators at Nakasuk School, Iqaluit. Both graduated with Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Regina and Nunavut Arctic College.

Leeveena Nuyalia has just completed her first year as Vice Principal of Nakasuk School – the largest Primary / Elementary School in Nunavut.

Morty Alooloo, Elementary Teacher, Nakasuk School, has just taken on a role with the annual Education Leadership Program (ELP) sponsored by the Department of Education. In that capacity she will mentor those who want to take on administrative positions in Education in Nunavut.

We commend and congratulate Leeveena and Morty for serving as positive role models for students currently enrolled in the Nunavut Teacher Education Program at Nunavut Arctic College. Additionally, their energy, enthusiasm and professionalism are reflective of their commitment to providing an enriched learning environment for the students entrusted to their care.


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